Our top Ice Cream places to visit in Noosa

Our top Ice Cream places to visit in Noosa

Is there anything better than standing in front of a vast array of gelato and ice cream flavours, pondering the best combination, which scoop should go on top and whether nuts and chocolate sauce are necessary? In Noosa, the choice isn’t just in the flavour, but in the store itself, a bountiful quandary we are absolutely blessed to have! The following is by no means an exhaustive list, but are considered by the Noosa Crest team to be the BEST iced-treat shops across Noosa!

  1. Massimo’s Gelataria

National Park end of Hastings St, Noosa Heads.

If you haven’t crowded around the glass cabinetry at Massimo’s Gelataria on Hastings St, have you really even been to Noosa? This is consistently voted by locals and visitors alike as the best gelato in Noosa, and with good reason, offering an ever changing variety of flavours, mostly depending on seasonal produce. Burnt Caramel, Rocher or Tiramisu gelato. Nectarine, Berry or Watermelon sorbet. Coconut. Chocolate. Strawberry… Each and every one is packed with flavour, the consistency is smooooth and on a hot summer’s day or evening, wonderfully refreshing.

Massimo’s is extremely popular, so be prepared to patiently wait in peak times for your turn at the cabinet!


  1. Amo Gelato

Thomas Street, Noosaville.

This is another local secret: Amo Gelato is always busy! This Noosaville business also serves up excellent coffee and baked goods, making it a revitalising caffeine break for parents whilst the kids indulge in a cold treat after a morning play by the river.

The gelato is the star however, offering another beautifully presented cabinet of ever changing flavours with a few perennials thrown in the mix. Vegan Cocoa sorbet pairs well with Mocha gelato, whilst the kids might prefer a mix of passionfruit and coconut sorbet for a refreshing iced hit. Seasonal flavours are also on trend here, and it’s not unusual to see Italian Eggnog gelato around Christmas, or Anzac Biscuit gelato in April.

Again, interesting flavours and a perfect method for producing gelato and sorbets ensures Amo Gelato is at the top of our favourites’ list!


  1. Happy Pops

Hastings St, Noosa Heads.

This artisan popsicle store is another wonderful local creation where gelato and sorbet dreams become reality. Made in store, these sweet treats are good to go- you just need to decide on a flavour and toppings. Should be easy right? Well, with the visual feast of insta-inspiring pops on offer, you might linger longer than usual down the Happy Pop counter!

Try a naked pop, or a premium pop drizzled in chocolate and a variety of toppings, a gelato shake or warm chocolate brownie. With a plethora of favourite flavours and ‘limited edition’ offerings, there’s something to please everyone! Rocky Road drizzled in white chocolate with extra marshmallows? Brownie batter with fudge sauce? Plain strawberry with mini M&Ms? The options are endless!!


  1. Hey Bill

Noosa Main Beach boardwalk

Okay, it’s not gelato, but Hey Bill is a Noosa institution and perhaps one of the best ways to refresh your insides during a scorching hot day on the beach. This is traditional summer fare at its simplistic best: shaved ice and syrup. For kids, this is just about as good as it gets!

The man himself is often on duty at his red Shaved Ice cart, something he’s been doing for over 50 years. Don’t buy into the cheap and nasty stuff: treat your kids to the delights of shaved ice and a little sweet syrup without leaving the beach!


  1. Royal Copenhagen

Hastings St, Noosa Heads

We get it, sometimes you just want something familiar, and the smell of waffle cones cooking in the irons as you wander down Hastings St is hard to ignore.

Royal Copenhagen is another Noosa institution serving up quality ice cream to visitors for decades.

All the usual flavour suspects are front and centre in the Dutch Style. Try Old Fashioned Toffee with Devil’s Chocolate, or Banana Split with Scorched Peanut. Just make sure you get it in one of those delicious waffle cones!


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