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noosabeachSo, here we are at the pointy end of 2010 and most of us are starting to worry about making those meaningful new years resolutions so we can assure ourselves that we will do it all so much better next year.

I hate new years resolutions. History has proven that no matter how serious I am, if my heart is not in it, then I will break most of them before day 2 and will have long forgotten them all by day 4. So, this year, I’m changing tact. My resolutions are from the heart. They are not about saving money, getting fitter, being more organized, being a better friend, partner, parent etc etc. This year, mine are about fully enjoying this amazing place I’m lucky enough to call home – Noosa.

Here’s my list.

*Walk Noosa every day – doesn’t matter if it’s a power walk along the Noosa River, a scenic trek through the Noosa National Park or a lazy stroll with the dog along the beach.

*Once a week at least – catch up with a friend over a seriously good coffee at Gibsons, Tempo, Belmondos, Canteen or Grind.

*Get up early on Sundays and head to the Noosa Farmers Markets for all my fresh goodies. This is a ‘must do’.

*Swim Laguna Bay every chance I get.

*Only buy great bread – especially from Essential Grain.

*Schedule some retail therapy on Hastings Street, the Junction or at Peregian Village (grab fresh sushi for lunch from Sushi Wave)

*Feast on our local fresh seafood like Noosa Spanner Crabs and Mooloolaba prawns.

*Schedule impromptu picnics and BBQS with friends on the river at Gympie Terrace – this place is summer heaven!

*On pefect days, pack a picnic lunch, bottle of wine and head up the North Shore for a lazy beach day with family or friends. Always include a swim in the calm clear lagoon at Rainbow Bay.

*Take in the panoramic beauty and glorious sunsets from the lookouts at Mount Tinbeerwah and Noosa Hill.

*Do lunch! As often as possible at any of my favorites – Bistro C, Tempo, Gusto, Rickys, Sunshine Beach Surf Club or The Apollonian at Boreen Point.

*Duck out to the hinterland on rainy weekends…there’s so many cool cafes, art treasures and great pubs at places like; Eumundi, Kenilworth, Cooroy, Pomona and Kin Kin.

*Get out on the river. Hop on the Noosa Ferry, a boat or even a kayak and explore the gorgeous waterways from the Everglades to the River mouth.

Well, that’s my list. I don’t think this will be too hard. I’ll keep you up to date with my progress.

If you’re also lucky enough to live here, I hope this has inspired you to get out more and enjoy this piece of paradise and if you haven’t been here for a while then I hope you’ll make a visit to Noosa your new years resolution.

Happy New Year!

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