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Hastings street

Lunch by the beach in Noosa

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Lunch at SeasonsYou can’t complain where you live when its a gorgeous sunny day and you’re meeting up with good friends for lunch at one of the restaurants along the beachfront in Noosa!

As some of my friends missed out on the glamorous hens weekend, they insisted we have lunch instead, how could I refuse. My gorgeous boss Kathy and longtime friend Cath took me to delicous Seasons by the beach for a scrumptious lunch. We ordered the seafood platter to share and then a main each, I was very tempted for dessert but stuck to my pre-wedding diet and had an extra strong coffee instead.

There were lots of sales in Hastings street and of course caved into temptation. Everything is inbetween seasons and the summer season in Noosa lasts well into May so still a few months until we think about wearing jeans. After purchasing a dress or two, I felt very special and very spoilt.

I’m meeting up with the wedding stylist tomorrow so will keep you up to date.

Meeting the Wedding Celebrant

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Fae Murphy CelebrantWe met up with the Wedding Celebrant Fae Murphy which made it feel real!! Fae was an absolute delight and after talking with her in length she came up with a personalised ceremony that is perfect for us.

The ceremony has the view of Noosa including Laguna Bay, Noosa River and Hastings street, it will be a real ‘wow’ factor for the guests. We have guests coming from all over including London and New York and really want to impress so Noosa Crest will be perfect place. Most guests will be staying in the apartments so they can have a little holiday and won’t have to travel far for the ceremony.

Next on the list is the Wedding designer Carly so stay tuned….

Noosa and its night life

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The next day we head down to main beach and spend the morning in beautiful Laguna Bay, it was a perfect sunny day. In the afternoon we hit the shops along Hastings street and pick up some great bargains. This was a weekend to remember and wonderful to be a visitor in my own town Noosa. Continue reading

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